Translator: Xintus
Editor:  Shozenn

Greed Giant Part 3:

After sixth period ended so did the school day. I carried the sword from last night and walked with Yuki and Kujyo to the main entrance (the sheath made of rope, which held the sword, was all made for me by Yuki during breaks).

I couldn’t believe how calm I was. I couldn’t get it off my mind this morning. However, as it got closer to the duel time, I actually became more relaxed. I already gave up. I’ll just let whatever happens happen!!

As we were walking on the small path that led westward, we went down a series of concrete stairs covered with lush green grass and arrived at a sand covered playground. There wasn’t a single cloud in the sky. It looked like the duel wouldn’t be cancelled due to rain.

When we arrived, Kito was already there, sitting. It seemed like he wanted to be prepared to duel at a moment’s notice, so he did preparation exercises.

There was no one else around other than Kito. I couldn’t help myself from taking a breath of relief. In order to have the supervisors gather before the battle begins, notices would always be posted at the main entrance beforehand.

After the school lockdown game started, there would be a lot people watching every single battle due how rare they were. However, because the third years were always the overwhelming winners, the number of students who came and watched became less and less.

Moreover, this battle was completely unrelated to the school lockdown game. It was a battle between a B class and a C class. Only Kujyo and Yuki were here. I’m really thankful for this because I was going to lose really badly.

“——Yo, Yagumo. You have to work hard today.”

I suddenly heard a voice behind me. I instinctively turned my head around. A beautiful girl dressed in white appeared before me. There were red lines on her skirt indicating that she was a third year.

Her waist length hair was tied up with bright red accessories, and the plumpness of her chest could match that of Yuki’s. However, what was more striking was that she left her white cape, which was worn on top of her uniform, drooping on her shoulders. It was clear that she showed less skin than other girls, but this kind of drooping fashion was actually slightly more erotic.

Her name was Shiranui Himeka, a S class Exceed. She served as the health committee chairman, who is one of the Game Masters of the school lockdown game.

“Have we met before? I think I met you when you sent one of your classmates to the health center during Golden Week. However, you left without saying anything to me.”

“…..Yes, thank you very for taking care of him that time.”

“Shucks, it’s just the health committee’s responsibility. If I use my . Treating wounds only takes two seconds.”

Shiranui said confidently as her dark black hair swayed gracefully.

“As long as you have me supervising, you don’t need to show any mercy for your opponent. Enjoy the battle to your heart’s content.”


I reluctantly answered as I walked towards center of the campus. I wasn’t in the mood to chat with the Dominators at the time.

“——In that case, I’ll go all out.”

I told myself as I activated .

Ryuji and I split, side by side carrying the sword in its scabbard. After activating , doesn’t only make a copy of myself but also my clothes and accessories.

However, if this didn’t happen, there would be a naked person every time we split. That would be a big problem.

By the way, the items added by wouldn’t disappear even if I dropped it before I cancel the ability. For example, if I used , a $10,000 bill would become two bills. That way you could buy things worth $20,000. This ability was literally made for breaking the law.

“You seem to be ready.”

Kito said to me as he got up after finishing his stretches. Ryuji and I simultaneously nodded our heads.

“Alright, then let’s get started.”

Kito shouted with a very imposing manner. A few seconds later, fireworks started, which meant the start of the battle.

The white smoke rose up extremely high, and the loud sounds of explosion resounded in the air.

Seconds later, Kito lowered his body and started to charge up. He probably wanted to make himself enormous like last night.

Ryuji and I took aim and sped towards him. As we ran towards the motionless Kito, we pulled out the sword. We were going to pierce him from the upper-right in one go.

The reason was simple for using quick attacks at the beginning of the battle. If someone wanted to beat Kito, their best chance would be before he became a giant.

——However, in reality, it wouldn’t be as successful as I imagined it would be. Kito already saw through my intentions. He enlarged his right arm in an instant and swept horizontally with tremendous force. Ryuji and I were hit and sent flying backwards.

Fortunately, the attack earlier didn’t do us much harm. It was probably because it was a sudden counter-attack, so there wasn’t much power put in.

We immediately adjusted our formation. Ryuji and I put a little more distance between us.

“——Kito. From what just happened, we can clearly see that you’re ability has a huge weakness.”

While paying attention to Kito’s movements, I said this, which made him shudder.

“It would be better to call it a limit rather than a weakness.”

“Limit? What do you mean?”

“Don’t play dumb.”

As he said that, I reminisced about what happened last night. When we encountered Kito in the vicinity of the school campus, he only made his right arm enormous. There was no sign of him chasing us during the time he was making his whole body gigantic.

“You probably can’t make your whole body gigantic in an instant. To achieve gigantism, it would take somewhere around ten seconds. During this time, you’ll be completely vulnerable.”

After hearing me point out his weakness, Kito made a wry smile.

“How surprising. You deduced that just from our encounter yesterday.”

“I am very observant.”

“Hmph, but my right arm can instantly become gigantic.”

“That’s true, but this is a lot easier to fight against compared to a complete giant.”

“So, you decided not to wait until I turn gigantic?”

“That’s right, but it would be better to say that I took this opportunity to engage.”

While I was pretending to chat with Kito, Ryuji launched a surprise attack from behind.

“——Eat this!!”

However, Kito’s enlarged his right foot and jumped away with an unbelievable amount of force from where he was.

“That’s a pity. I saw your other self moving with my peripheral vision.”

“I knew from the beginning that trick wouldn’t work. ——However, it could still be considered a small success since I know your feet can get bigger now as well.”

“While analyzing my ability, you’re planning on slowly forcing me into a corner.”

“Do you think that’s improper?”

“No, actually I think it’s a great strategy. ……Anyways, have you heard any information about from other people?”

“What do you mean?”

“Stop playing dumb. When I activate , there’s another effect. Do you know what it is?”


I probably already guessed what Kito wanted to say. While and are completely different classes, there are some similarities.

——It’s that 「you can add more of yourself」.

“To answer the question from earlier, it should be 「when you activate , anything you touch will also become huge」, right? Otherwise, your uniform would have been ripped into shreds when you turned gigantic last night.”

“You have very good observation skills. You can even deduce this when you use it.”

While talking, Kito put his hand down his jacket’s front pocket, seemingly trying to pull something out.

“Actually before the battle, I picked up all the medium sized rocks around the area.”

“——Could it be you!”

“Ah, that’s exactly right.”

Kito held a small rock while making his right hand gigantic. During the moment I spaced out, he threw the rock in his hand, which was around thirty meters, towards Ryuji.

——That’s not right, it was no longer the size of a stone. It was a boulder.

“Eat a blow from my right fist as well!”

The moment he said that, Kito had already threw his giant fist at me.

The giant right fist came at me, and countless rocks flew towards Ryuji. I hesitated for a moment. I then finally canceled , which made me disappear.

After, my body suffered the impact of numerous rocks. The sharp stones pierced my skin all the way to the bones. My head started feeling a little dizzy.

“——You aren’t the only one who learnt from last night’s battle. As long as you cancel , you can avoid one of them from being attacked. So, if I want to attack you, I have target both of you at the same time for it to work.”

Kito proudly said to me, as I fell on the ground.

Although I avoided a fatal wound, both my elbows hurt so much that I couldn’t lift them up. Because I wanted to protect myself from the rocks, I got this wound instead. I questioned whether I should keep fighting.


I shouted as I stubbornly got up. I finally stood up.

However, after I adjusted my posture, Kito had already turned into a giant.

“……Ok. I’m completely ready now. Let’s start this battle again!”

Kito’s roaring voice came from above. He had already lifted his gigantic right foot to flatten me.

Predicting where he was going to land, I desperately tried to jump away from there. An unbelievably enormous shoe flattened where I just stood at.

The ground shook violently, the area rumbled, and sand flew everywhere. Because there was such a huge gap in strength, I was flabbergasted.

Now Kito’s foot was the size of my whole body. If I was stepped on, it would completely KO me.

Cold sweat dripped from my forehead. Looking at the situation, there was no chance of winning.

——Then, I should take this opportunity to run away.

I put the sword back into its sheath and swiftly ran towards the school building. The sand obscured Kito’s line of sight. There were a couple seconds that he couldn’t find me.

“——Hey, wait Yagumo!! Where are you going !?”

“I’m sorry! I really have no chance of winning, so I’m running away!”

“You’re giving up way too quickly!! Don’t run away so openly!!”

“A great man once said that if the situation is too desperate, running away is the only logical way out!”

“That’s Sun Tzu! Under the circumstances that you have no countermeasures, running away is really a good idea! However, I’m not going to let you get away!!”

Because I assumed Kito would shout angrily as he ran towards me, I hadn’t thought he would just jump towards me. His body flew like a bullet and landed in the empty parking lot, easily getting ahead of me. Because of the huge impact, the asphalt surface cracked, and black debris flew everywhere.

However, I already knew that he would get to the school building before me. So, I activated , then Ryuji and I each ran in opposite directions.

“——!! What an annoying ability!!”

After Kito hesitated, he grabbed for me with both hands.

However, I immediately canceled and disappeared from his huge palms. In a hair’s breadth, I once again used , and we once again went in opposite directions.

I wouldn’t say anything about crossing swords, but I was super confident in my ability to run away!

I finally arrived at the wide open window that faced the corridor. This way I could successfully escape into the school building. I could finally be at ease——.

Just as I was finally calming down, Kito used his giant right hand to get into the building by breaking the window next to me. Even though I barely managed to avoid his fist, the scattered sharp shards of glass still pierced my face and hands.

“……Yo, Yagumo. We meet again.”

From the other side of the window, Kito stared at me with his giant eyes..

My heart was seized by fear, all I wanted to do was escape this place as soon as I could. However, my feet wouldn’t move as if they were frozen in fear. Also, the passage leading into the school was completely blocked off by his giant arm..

“Did you think running into the school, would force me into returning to my normal size? That’s really unfortunate. Even in my current state, I could still play hide and seek with you.”

“……D-does the disciplinary committee randomly sabotage school buildings?”

“Don’t worry. Even if the whole school was destroyed, we can restore everything by asking any member from beautification committee to fix it.”

“I see. That’s true.”

“Even if it’s me, destroying the school still distresses me. So how about it? Want to obediently come out?”

“……I got it. I surrender——”

“You’re not the type of person to say that.”

Kito sneered and clenched his left hand tightly. It seemed like he still wanted to punch the front of the school one more time.

This is the longest I can keep Kito’s attention on me. After deciding this, I canceled and combined with Ryuji.

Actually, when Ryuichi was buying time, Ryuji had already entered the school building from another entrance.

“Yagumo!! Where did you go!!”

The howling of Kito came from the other side of the building. As if the sound of his roar was chasing me, I quickly ran up the stairs.

As I was running up the stairs, I heard the sound of shattering come from all of the windows in the school building. It seemed like he started from the first floor and didn’t miss a single window. What a scary thought.

“I found you!!”

I heard Kito’s yell, then the window in front of me broke. The brutal punch of the giant was coming towards me.

The front of my body suffered the blow from the huge fist. I was sent flying backwards, down the stairs.

“Hahahahahahaha!! At this time, there’s no one left in the building!!!! It’ll be easy as pie for me to find you, no matter how much you run around!! ”

Kito shouted with a grim smile.

On the other hand, I, who was injured in an instant, laid on the hallway of the third floor. I checked how badly I got hurt.

Being hit by the huge fist, made my face and solar plexus ache endlessly. Not only that, the shards of glass that flew towards me caused me to become covered in blood.When I fell downstairs, I severely injured my back and waist. Of course, being hit by rocks on both arms didn’t help either. If I was in an RPG right now, my HP would be in the single digits. I have long passed the yellow bar. I would already be in the red bar now.

——But, I definitely won’t give up!!

I activated lying down. After, I appeared within a three meter range, which was in the hallway of the fourth floor. I then deactivated my ability, and created another self in the three meter range once again.

Although I nearly died, I finally succeeded in reaching the roof. …… Then again, it would have been better if I did this from the start…….

Although the numerous wounds crippled my body, I still desperately stood up even though I could barely walk.

I dragged my leg to the edge of the roof. The fireworks used for signaling the start of the match was carelessly put there. It seemed like I could use it to attack.

“Hahaha, you’re finally willing to come out of the school.”

Just as I reached the edge of the roof, Kito met my eyes. His forehead was around the size of the roof. Only after standing at such a high place did I personally feel how massive my upperclassman had grown.

“So, what do you want to do? If you jump from there, you might be able to hit my head with your sword?”

It might have been because he hit the front of my body that made him seem very happy, or it might be from seeing my crippled body, which made him already convinced of his victory.

“……You’re right. As a last prank, to risk my life just to hit you doesn’t sound like a bad idea.”

As I said that, I canceled , which made the Ryuji in the hallway of the fourth floor disappear.

——This was my last chance. If this attack fails, the only place I’ll be going to is the punishment room. Moreover, the sword I got from the basement would be taken away.

I continued onward without considering the state I was in, I grabbed the railing and activated .

After, my consciousness moved above Kito’s head. Although my view didn’t change much, being in the air made the scenery under my feet completely different.

However, the biggest difference was when I appeared above his head, Kito was overshadowed by an enormous shadow.


Kito looked up, shocked, with eyes wide open. No wonder. It was because a huge school appeared in the sky.

——When I thought of this strategy, I saw Kito activating to make the rocks in his hand become boulders. At that moment, a question came to mind. 「When I activate to double, is there really no limit in size?」

Of course, I didn’t think it was true at the beginning. However, with Kito’s size right now, there was no other way than making something larger than he is to flatten him.

Although it was a stupid idea, it was worth a try. So, even if I needed to drag myself, I had to make it to the roof. Finally, I held the railing and activated while imagining an identical version of the school in the sky.

Although it was a desperate gamble, the result was a pretty successful copy of the entire school. Also, in order to prevent hitting the original school building, I purposely held the railing of school, letting it be completely directed downwards.

“——Take this!!”

I yelled as the duplicate school fell down altogether. Although I really wanted to go to the roof where Ryuji was at, the copied school would also disappear if I deactivated . So, my only choice was to fall down with the building (having said that, actually, Yuki could help deal with it by using .

When the duplicate school fell down, it still hit the original building. A part of the broken sections fell onto Kito’s colossal body.

Although Kito’s current height and the height of the school were around the same, it was still an overwhelming unfavorable in terms of width and depth. It was like the difference between a person and a truck. That’s to say, his current situation was like walking on the street and suddenly getting hit by a truck from the side.But, this wasn’t from the side. It was from the above.

So, Kito was helpless against the school building.


He looked completely different from his satisfied expression earlier. Kito tried to catch the building with his hand, yelling a savage cry.

But, sure enough, Kito’s strength couldn’t support the whole school. Being unable to support it, he lost his balance and was overpowered by the school.

Kito’s feet were gradually pushed backwards, which uprooted various plants. Also, the sports department’s gym that was next to the sports field was crushed into ruins by Kito’s back. It was literally like the end the world.

On the other hand, I, who didn’t have a parachute, jumped from the rooftop and was stopped mid fall by an invisible force, arriving next to Yuki. I landed safely thanks to her, Yuki, my soul mate.

Finally, a great roar came from the school. Kito was completely buried under the school, lying there motionless.

The school dormitory that smashed into Kito shattered even more after it was slammed into the ground. Fragments of concrete mixed with the sand from the sports field. All kinds of dust flew into the air.

However, it was too early to relax. I was stopped by the sound of an avalanche, then I walked towards Kito. If the blow earlier didn’t get rid of him, I should take care of him right now, before he can get back up.

I walked to where Kito was. I found out that even though he was being pressed down by a lot of rubble, he still didn’t faint and was trying hard to get out.

So, I tried climbing his tree trunk-like neck and drew my sword while standing on his collarbone.

“Kito, please surrender immediately. Even if we take into account our size difference, I’m pretty confident that I can still cut your carotid artery. .”

Kito could feel the edge of the sword on his neck and made a face of disgust. He obediently stopped resisting.

“The battle has been decided! The victor: Yagumo Ryu!”

Then, Shiranui, who came out of nowhere and now stood beside me, declared the end of the battle.




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