Chapter 49 Between Neighbors

WhiteMoon x BlackSun

After hearing Luo Xun’s protest, Yan Fei chuckled against his neck. “How can I be honest?” He said while something touched Luo Xun’s belly.

From there was a sensation like hot water on his side, Luo Xun no longer dared to move – he had a slight reaction…If this guy found out, he was going to do something embarrassing! It was better to avoid it for the time being. He would be overwhelmed if he was not prepared and determined.

But his body temperature rose and rose; his subconscious mind expected something to happen.

Yan Fei suddenly voiced a serious proposal. “Why don’t we help each other.” He could not eat the other right now, but benefits were going to be cashed in as soon as possible.

Mutual help, mutual benefit and reciprocity…No one loses, everyone could be comfortable…

Four eyes looked at each other, Yan Fei slowly started to…

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